Cane Resources Network for Southern Africa (CARENSA)






Last Meeting: 14-20th November, 2004

Host: University of Mauritius

The CARENSA Network:
There are Four principal contractors responsible for the Network and nine members. The project team was designed to place the key issues in their proper regional and global context, while also promoting north-south and south-south cooperation on cane resource development. There are four European organisations, four African organisations, three international or regional organisations, and two organisations based outside of Africa in the world's two largest cane-producing countries (Brazil and India), as listed below:

SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute (Coordinator)
ICL, Imperial College London, Env. Sci. and Tech., London, UK (Principal Contractor) UM, University of Mauritius, Chemical and Sugar Eng. Dept. (Principal Contractor) UND, University of Natal, Durban, South Africa (Principal Contractor) AUA, Agricultural University of Athens, Greece (Member) CIRPS, Interuniversity Research Centre on Developing Countries, Italy (Member) BUN, Biomass Users Network, Zimbabwe (Member) CEEEZ, Centre for Energy, Environment, and Engineering, Zambia (Member) ISO, International Sugar Organisation (Member) FAO, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), United Nations (Member) WII, Winrock International India (Member) CENBIO, National Reference Centre for Biomass, Brazil (Member) SADC, Southern African Development Community (Member)